SynergyCP has a very powerful feature set that provides a perfect compromise for power users and learning ones.
Unattended OS Reloads
Clients and administrators can reinstall the operating system on any server that they have PXE access to. The process is fast, customizable, and fully automated. SynergyCP supports many operating systems and has been tested on a wide variety of hardware. We have already included the drivers you need for most network/RAID cards on Dell/HP/Supermicro hardware. You can easily upload drivers to be automatically included in specific or all Windows installations.
Automated Linux Operating System Installs
WINDOWS 2008 R2, 2012 R2, 2016
Automatic and secure License Key activation - activates your license key on the server then automatically deletes all traces of the original key so that it cannot be stolen.
Option to install trial version so that tenants can use their own license key and benefit from automated OS Reloads.
Easily add and customize Drivers for windows installs.
Automated Linux Operating System Installs
Ubuntu 10, 12, 14, 16
Debian 6, 7, 8
CentOS 6, 7
Configure shell scripts
Disk Formatting (Zero/Quick)
System Rescue CD
Linux Rescue Shell
Automatic Soft RAID 0 or 1 configuration for all operating systems available on servers with more than one disk.
Links with other software like WHMCS for automatic IP assignment and unattended provisioning upon tenant purchase.
OS reload files are automatically copied between PXE deployment servers at all locations for ultra-fast OS reloads.
  • Modifiable OS configuration templates (preseed / kickstart / unattend.xml)
  • Modifiable shell scripts that run with Linux OS installations
  • Build custom OS Reload profiles with custom shell scripts / os configurations / kernel line / drivers / completion emails to automate deployment of any software on any operating system with any hardware
Welcome to Client Side
The client side is focused on empowering clients to manage their servers easily without any administrator intervention.
Administrators can easily grant and terminate client access
VIP clients that do not get automatically suspended/terminated
Granular Permissions
Resellers can grant Sub Clients access
Bandwidth Reports
Power Controls
OS Reloads
Increased functionality through packages
Clients can grant access to all servers to another client (e.g. an "NOC" user)
Juniper, Cisco, Dell switches
HP, Dell, Supermicro power controls
WHMCS for billing
Two-Factor Auth
Granular Permissions
In-Depth Logging
Add-On packages can add
limitless custom functionality.