Update to v3.1.0 - released 8/23/2021

To update SynergyCP, check your admin dashboard's system health and click on the entry related to system updates.

v3.1.0 - 8/23/2021

  • NVMe Support
  • Allow running an OS Reload (e.g. disk format) after server wipes
  • Add Ubuntu 20.04 LTS profile (requires refreshing OS reload files)
  • Support for uplinks that are not distribution switches (only with custom switch types)
  • Support for scanning aggregate ports (Po*) on Cisco devices
  • Support for scanning mge-* ports on Juniper devices
  • Supermicro SMIS switch support
  • Route entire secondary subnets on Cisco Layer 3 switches
  • For switch commands on entities that have no gateway, use primary IP Address instead
  • Support for setting KVM permissions on new ASRock devices
  • Fix some Cisco switches which did not write config changes to memory
  • Fix for Dell PowerSeries R410 IPMI user creation
  • Fix for Dell iDRAC IPMI client user creation
  • Support for more ASRock Rack KVM
  • UEFI Support (beta)
  • Support for uploading custom packages via the UI (beta)
  • rDNS IPv6 IPs ending in :: fix

v3.0.0 - 3/31/2021

  • IP Pools functionality
  • Port Forwarding server revamp to use IP to IP instead of port to port forwarding. Adds support for HP iLO KVM through forwarding.
  • Ability to specify OS Reload disk settings in Provision API
  • Juniper ELS switch command support
  • ASRock Rack KVM integration
  • Add Supermicro X11SCD-F KVM support
  • Add Supermicro X8D series firmware version 2.77 KVM support
  • Add Supermicro Switch support
  • Add PowerEdge R440 KVM support
  • Dell Networking OS9 Switch support
  • Dell Powerconnect 8024 Switch support
  • App support for BMCs that only support HTTP web access
  • Limited MikroTik support (switch commands do not work on some switches)
  • Fix HP iLO 2 issue with creating client user accounts
  • Fix for Cisco Nexus commands with Layer 3 routing of multiple Entities (add 'secondary' to route)
  • Wiping a server will now wipe any secondary switch ports assigned - not just the primary one
  • Small performance improvements
  • Auto-create IPMI client user on provision to client with IPMI access
  • Better debug logging when IPMI errors occur
  • Support for additional port formats in Cisco WS devices
  • Show assigned entity VLANs on server manage page
  • Fix for bandwidth usage bug on newer installs where the server would sometimes start with extra usage
  • Fix for errors occuring in System > Logs after a package has been disabled

v2.1.2 - 6/3/2020

  • A couple small hotfixes to 2.1.1: enable dry runs of switch commands on frontend and skip adding CentOS/Debian when they've already been manually added

v2.1.1 - 6/2/2020

  • CentOS 8 OS reloads (requires updating file server files to latest)
  • Debian 10 OS reloads (requires updating file server files to latest)
  • Allow dry runs of switch commands
  • Option to combine multiple VLANs into a single VLAN for L3 routing
  • Juniper Layer 3 switch integration
  • Fix a bug where administrators opting to receive BCCs would sometimes be outdated
  • Fix a bug where adding multiple IP entities to a server at the same time would not always get added in the specified order

v2.0.1 - 5/12/2020

  • Allow app to be embedded in iframes for WHMCS iframe integration. WHMCS iframe integration requires latest WHMCS module.

v2.0.0 - 5/6/2020

  • Ability to update application from administration panel
  • Ability to manage and install add-on packages from administration panel
  • Application optimizations to improve performance
  • System health checks widget on dashboard
  • Auto-expire Dynamic port forwards (used for CD mounting over KVM)
  • Support for adding Distribution switches and uplinks from Rack switches in Layer 3 setups
  • Support for Layer 3 Cisco switch configurations with commands run on distribution and rack switches
  • Support for Arista EOS v4.19 switch commands
  • Arista support for aggregate ports (Vlan*, Port-Channel*)
  • Fixed a bug where OS Reload Profiles could not be deleted if they had an OS Reload linked
  • Fix a bug causing server wipes with more than 3 IP Entities to fail
  • Fix a bug preventing clients from sending welcome emails to sub clients
  • Disable authentication storage inside of iframes to prevent clickjacking attack vector

v1.22.1 - 10/30/2019

  • Allow longer Switch authentication details

v1.22.0 - 10/15/2019

  • Option on switches for whether or not enable command should be run
  • Encrypt Server Power Control authentication details stored in database
  • Use persistent database connections for bandwidth database for increased performance
  • Admin notes field on IP Entities & Switches

v1.21.0 - 10/10/2019

  • Support for ISO mounting over Port Forwarded KVM for additional servers, including Dell C6100
  • Improvements in error reporting during the application install process

v1.20.0 - 9/30/2019

  • More robust/fail-proof process for updating Port Forwarding type on Server Power Controls
  • Use SNMPv2 for bandwidth polling, which resolves an issue with using 64-bit bandwidth data for some Brocade switches
  • Support for scanning Brocade ICX 7700 series switches
  • Skip Add ACL modal during Launch KVM process if the user's IP is already ACLed
  • Change "Port Power" On/Off text to "Port State" Enable/Disable

v1.19.0 - 9/23/2019

  • Add current and latest release version to administrator dashboard
  • Disable support for Arcfour SSH encryption algorithms which are insecure
  • Fix a bug where ACLs were not being auto-expired
  • Updated PXE files to fix breaking changes in the latest CentOS 7 and Debian 9 packages.
  • Add auto-retry functionality to IPMI commands

v1.18.0 - 9/16/2019

  • Security improvements including encrypting switch passwords stored in the database
  • Allow Shell Scripts to be run during OS reloads
  • More secure password generation for IPMI client passwords

v1.17.0 - 8/17/2019

  • Update to latest Windows PE Environment (requires updating PXE File Servers) which:
    • Increases the speed of Windows installations
    • Adds support for Windows installations on NVMe disks

v1.16.1 - 8/12/2019

  • Fix for numerous minor bugs that affected clients that had super clients
  • Fix some UI consistency issues with server create form

v1.16.0 - 7/22/2019

  • Security fixes
  • Better Launch KVM compatibility for iDRAC 9
  • Better support for Windows 2019
  • Faster switch commands (less time waiting)

v1.15.0 - 6/24/2019

  • Improvements to admin/integration permission system
  • Support for Arista EOS switches
  • Launch KVM support for Dell Remote Management Controller BMCs
  • Minor UI bug fixes

v1.14.0 - 6/17/2019

  • 3rd party library & security updates
  • Provision server UI server selection bug fix
  • Auto-expiration of user logins

v1.13.0 - 5/22/2019

  • Launch KVM support for additional Supermicro models
  • Launch KVM support for iDRAC 9
  • Support for ae* aggregate ports on Juniper and Brocade

v1.12.2 - 4/16/2019

  • Launch KVM support for Supermicro X11* models
  • Launch KVM support for additional HP models

v1.12.1 - 4/14/2019

  • Launch KVM support for Supermicro X8D* models
  • Speed improvements to Launch KVM
  • BMC Info button which reveals info about server manufacturer, model, BIOS version, and more

v1.12.0 - 4/1/2019

  • Option to send welcome email to new clients & sub clients
  • Launch KVM support for Dell C6100
  • Option to use 32-bit (legacy) or 64-bit (more accurate) bandwidth data.

v1.11.3 - 3/25/2019

  • Auto-expiration of ACLs after 24 hours
  • Wiping or suspending a server deletes its ACLs

v1.11.2 - 3/13/2019

  • Updated Abuse package
    • Added ability for clients to set a custom abuse contact email.
    • Allowed auto-suspension functionality to be disabled via setting.
  • Added WHMCS Basic integration which is a version of our WHMCS integration with minimal features to serve as a base for more complex WHMCS setups.

v1.11.1 - 3/6/2019

  • Support for VLAN tagging (multiple VLANs on the same server port)
  • Support for switches that require SNMP v1 instead of SNMP v2c

v1.11.0 - 3/1/2019

  • White-labeling for Enterprise licenses
  • Added Brocade FCX/ICX Switch config
  • Add a message to Launch KVM stating to turn off popup blockers

v1.10.2 - 2/18/2019

  • Automatically set iDRAC privileges to Operator when client IPMI accounts are created on Dell BMCs
  • Refactored IPMI functionality for more intelligent detection and creation of client accounts

v1.10.1 - 2/11/2019

  • Search speed improvements
  • Cisco Nexus Support
  • Custom HTML/JS functionality under Theme Customization

v1.10.0 - 2/1/2019

  • Major refactor of SSL certificate system to support Let's Encrypt v2
  • Auto generation of client IPMI user when client launches KVM

v1.9.0 - 1/1/2019

  • Switch to polling 64-bit bandwidth data for more accurate reporting on 1gbps ports
  • Show customizable site name (editable on Settings page) in page title
  • Additional small User Interface tweaks

v1.8.0 - 12/1/2018

v1.7.1 - 11/11/2018

  • Branding Feature which allows customization of the logo and colors of the application.

v1.7.0 - 11/1/2018

  • Launch KVM support for Dell and HP.
  • Add support for backup SSH servers with custom port.
  • Port Forwarding server stability improvements.
  • Various minor bug fixes.

v1.6.0 - 10/1/2018

  • RWhois support added.
  • Support for custom switch configurations via addon packages.
  • Allow hostnames and non-unique values for IPMI devices for better PDU support.

v1.5.0 - 9/1/2018

  • Port Forwarding feature launched (more info near bottom of the features page).
  • Ability to launch KVM from server page added.
  • Allow admin login via email in addition to username.
  • Improved support for Ubuntu 18.

v1.4.0 - 8/1/2018

  • Numerous speed/scalability improvements that have a noticeable effect on installations with a lot of traffic.

v1.3.0 - 7/1/2018

  • Ability for administrators to run switch commands in bulk from server list page.
  • Brocade switch support.
  • APC PDU support.
  • Small improvements to WHMCS integration & documentation.
  • Small improvements to omni-search functionality.

v1.2.0 - 6/1/2018

  • ACLs for administrators & API integrations.
  • Improved support for servers using non-primary ethernet port for PXE installs.
  • Various usability improvements.

v1.1.0 - 5/1/2018

  • Various Bug Fixes and usability improvements.

v1.0.0 - 4/1/2018

  • Initial Public Release