SynergyCP rDNS Package

SynergyCP rDNS Package


The rDNS package adds a frontend to SynergyCP that allows Clients and Administrators to set rDNS PTR records. Currently, BIND and PowerDNS v3/v4 are supported.

An rDNS PTR is a single DNS record pointing a unique IP address to a hostname. When someone uses a server to send out emails, the receiving server usually does a reverse DNS lookup on the IP address which helps determine whether or not the host is a spammer. This is called forward-confirmed reverse DNS.

You can host a DNS server that answers with the hostname of the IP address that the receiving server looked up. The purpose of this package is to allow Administrators and Clients to easily configure that DNS server with rDNS PTRs. Clients can only configure rDNS PTRs for IP Entities that are in use on one of their servers.


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